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I support ambitious professionals achieve significant change in their careers and professional lives through personalised coaching.

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Client Testimonials

🗣 Jamie is one of those rare coaches who will enable you to unlock your potential and achieve what you want.

🗣 He helped me to visualize and clearly understand how to plan my next steps and take action.

🗣 He was able to make a big impact in a short time. I can highly recommend him.

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A sample of my presentations on career transitions. Contact me to learn more about how I can help your business.

Jamie Dru

A little bit about me…

From Banker to Consultant to Coach, my career has been far from straightforward. I have started 2 businesses and know what it’s like to take big leaps in my career. I now combine my purpose for helping others to find true purpose and happiness in their careers, with my passion for world travel.

JD's A-Z of Coaching

My A-Z guide teaches you everything you need to know about coaching from the power of asking questions through to the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone, along with practical tips on how to find a great coach... And more!

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